Derrick Coston, CISA, CISSP, GIAC

I have always had my issues with Sales Teams.  CNBC reports that Cyber Security Vendors are driving the hacking new cycle.  Its a shame  because those of us who are consultants and trying to ensure that organizations and people stay aware of the Cyber threat landscape, we have some exploiting it.  This article is interesting because as I try to find important information to share with those in my sphere of influence.  My only concern with this article is that it states that “breaches that actually cause damage are relatively rare. As a result, vendors often try to make a big deal out of minor breaches that don’t expose important company or customer information.”  I disagree with this because they fail to address the actual breaches that were made public.  Privacy showed that in 2018, there were 828 documented breaches totaling over 1,371,001,709 confidential data records that were breached or exposed.  This number is higher because were were a large number or breaches where the record count was unknown, which is a different issue and concern that I have.  Statistics can be manipulated and hopefully those who are concerned with cyber security, they analyze the type of breaches, conduct a through risk assessment and identify try threats and vulnerabilities in their environment and apply the appropriate controls to mitigate the risk that could impact their environments.

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